Dungeon Diving Rescue was a Mycena Cave forum based event run by Amaterasu and Firkasa from Sep 5th, 2014 to Feb 28th, 2015.


As you walk around the caves, you stumble upon a peculiar cave covered in greenery and obscured with some obnoxious "DO NOT CROSS" yellow tape. Tacked onto the center of the crisscrossing tape is a hand-made caution sign lovingly signed by Firkasa and Amaterasu.

You try to get a peek inside, but all you can see is endless darkness. Something around the cave prevents you from moving past the tape no matter how you try to approach the entrance. Defeated for now, you have no choice but to come back another day.

You can’t help but wonder, what are those two up to…


Our new forum game is a ‘Choose your own Adventure’ dungeon crawler filled with many different rooms. You can expect to see rooms with multiple pathways, some mini-games, boring rooms, dead ends, and more. Sometimes, you may even walk out with an extra prize or two from your adventures. As you go through the dungeon you earn DP (dungeon points). You can spend DP in the Bazaar and get nifty items!


Firkasa and Amaterasu have amassed a number of items over the past year! Their collection has become so vast, they had to find different accommodations for all their stuff. After weeks of searching, they uncovered a mystical cavern full of endless rooms. Without a second thought, they quickly shoved all their belongings into it.

However, they seem to have underestimated the cave and haven’t been seen for quite some time. Rumors of their disappearance began to spread and the mystery deepened. One day, a disgruntled ineki with a tattered white scarf walked into a local village and stuck a piece of wrinkled paper on the local notice board with the following message:

Standing next to the notice board, Knight huffed and watched as curious individuals read the letter. Some left and went about their business, but a select few stayed and looked at the scarf wearing ineki. Once the first band of adventurers had gathered, Knight motioned for them to follow and led them to their destination.

Bazaar of the Ages Trade PostEdit

DP were swappable for various items in the Bazaar of the Ages Trade Post that ranged from equippables to a new coat color. Although the event ended on Feb 28th, the Bazaar remained open until Mar 7th, 2015.

[List of items coming soon]