Event Coats are coats only obtainable through site events.

Event Coats
Image Coat Notes
Will-o'-the-Wisp Halloween 2013
Schrodinger's Cat Halloween 2013
Monster Under the Bed Halloween 2013
Light in the Darkness
Briers of Rose Spring 2014 Event Coat
Ombre Flower Spring 2014 Event Coat
Spring Sprouts Spring 2014 Event Coat
Monarch Butterfly Summer 2014 Event Coat
Watermelon Summer 2014 Event Coat
Pearly Depths Summer 2014 Event Coat
Orange Calcite Summer 2014 Event Coat
Djinn Fall 2014 Event Coat
Spell Weaver Halloween 2014
Red Tufted Squirrel Winter 2014
Lily of the Valley
Essence of Love Valentine's Day 2015
Blue Banded Bee Spring 2015
Peacock Spider Spring 2015
Starchaser Summer 2015
Astral Summer 2015
99942 Apophis Summer 2015
Capricious Sun Fall 2015
Purple Shimmer Fall 2015
Haunted Hound Halloween 2015
Truffox Spring 2016
Dogepan Spring 2016