The Fishing Hole is known to hold a wide range of aquatic organisms and items. While some can be pawned off for quick nuggets, others are necessary in crafting unique items! The following is a list of known items found in the fishing hole:

Acquired from Fishing
Image Item Pawn Value Used in Crafting
Mushroom Bass Mushroom Bass 60 Yes
Blue Bass Blue Bass 150 Yes
Blues Bass Blues Bass 300 Yes
Gem Bass Gem Bass 350 Yes
Nugget Bass Nugget Bass 200 Yes
Rock Bass Rock Bass 50 Yes
Rock n Roll Bass Rock n Roll Bass 300 Yes
Big Fish Big Fish 150 Yes
Medium Fish Medium Fish 100 Yes
Mud Fish Mud Fish 50 Yes
Really Big Fish Really Big Fish 300 Yes
Slime Fish Slime Fish 50 Yes
Small Fish Small Fish 70 Yes
Tiny Fish Tiny Fish 60 Yes
Cave Trout Cave Trout 60 Yes
Moonbow Trout Moonbow Trout 150 Yes
Rainbow Trout Rainbow Trout 100 Yes
Raintails Trout Raintails Trout 300 Yes
Raintie Trout Raintie Trout 200 Yes
Right Boot Right Boot 50 Yes
Left Boot Left Boot 1000 Yes
New Can New Can 200 Yes
Old Can Old Can 50 Yes
Rock Rock 1 Yes
Driftwood Driftwood 100 Yes
Teal Pondshroom Teal Pondshroom N/A Yes
Pondshroom Pondshroom N/A Yes
Recipe Bottle Recipe Bottle N/A Yes
Changingshroom Changingshroom N/A No