Monthly coats are coats that are released every month. They can be bought from the Out of the Shadows shop.

Event Coats
Image Coat Notes
Mycena Kimono
Brown Wood Owl
Siberian Squill
Bleeding Heart Dove
Tribal Flame
Ink Cap
Atlas Moth
Bleeding tooth Mushroom
Fairy Dust
Golden Tiger
Golden Thread Cordyceps
Pumpkin Pie
Winter Dragon
Crowned Crane January 2015
White Serval February 2015
Pastel Star March 2015
Blue Morpho Butterfly April 2015
Corroded Automaton May 2015
Gilded Glow June 2015
White-Spotted Jellyfish July 2015
Rustic Garter August 2015
Dappled Apple September 2015
Orange Bitey Thing October 2015
Northern Wind November 2015
Angelic Solstice December 2015
Winter Phoenix January 2016
Arcane Whispers February 2016
Fable March 2016
Honey Milk April 2016
Happily Ever After  May 2016