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Mycena Cave  is an online pet sim opened in the summer of 2013. The site's features include active forums, the ability to buy and trade pets, and several minigames. Though it is predominately community-based, focusing heavily on the forums, live chat, and roleplaying, there are also options available for solo activities, such as the minigames, crafting, and developing character bios for your pets.

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Getting Started on Mycena Cave

First things first, you should get yourself a pet. Your first pet from the Forever collection is free, so pick whichever one you like the most and adopt it! Once it's on your profile, head over there to give it a name and officially "finish" it.

Now that you've named your pet, you can change your forum avatar! You can set your avatar to any pet on your profile that has a name. To do that, click on your username at the top-right, and select community settings. While you're there, you can set your human avatar.

Got all that set up? Then it's time to check out our forums! This is the heart of our community. Head over to the Welcome Lounge forum and introduce yourself and make some friends :)

Next stop, check out our backstory. If you enjoy writing, we strongly encourage you to write stories with your pets, and have them interact with others. If you're willing to write within our Canon (as described in the backstory) you can even earn nuggets, our in-game currency! Nuggets will let you buy all sorts of neat things that you can equip to your pets, or even trade with other players for artwork. To find a partner or group to write with, head over to our Roleplaying Classifieds forum.

So what's next? Well, we have a couple of games which you can play - we hope you'll find them fun, and you earn nuggets by playing them as well. For more information on how nuggets and our economy in general works, check out the economy help page. Start saving up, because every month the "Out of the Shadows" monthly pets and items change.

Above all, have fun, meet people, make friends and explore :)


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