Shops received a make over in the summer of 2014. Proper names were given to the shops and additional item-specificity icons were added to the top right corner of each item to indicate what pet it is suitable for. Ineki only equippables display a Symbol ineki icon. Drasillis only equippables display a Symbol drasillis icon. Kelphi only equippables display a Symbol kelph icon. If there is no icon there, the item is universally compatible.

Feathers and FlameEdit

Previously known as the Spirit Shop, it was the first shop added to the site, with its first items being the various colors of Espirititia. Other items have been added since.

Sullie's ClosetEdit

Previously known as the Clothing Shop, it was the second NPC shop to be added. Its first items were Disguise, Red Star Bandana, and shortly after that the fruit hairclips set. Other items have been added since.

Fungimental MagicEdit

Previously know as the Magic Shop, it was the third NPC shop to be added, and the only one to sell consumable items. It currently stocks a variety of consumable mushrooms and a rotating seasonal mushroom. Everyday at rollover there's a small chance a changingshroom will stock for a random price that only you are able to purchase - though you are only able to buy one.

Drasillis ClothingEdit

Has been combined with the original Clothing Shop to form Sullie's Closet.

Darcy's Confection PerfectionEdit

Darcy's Confection Perfection was the sixth NPC shop to be added and features food-related equippables. Additionally the Pancake mushroom is available for purchase in this shop, allowing users to own a Pancake ineki.

Leeetle Companions ShopEdit

Leeetle Companion Shop was the fifth NPC shop to be added, released at the same time as Drasillis Clothing.

This shop's items are able to be equipped to all the species.

Lands WithinEdit

Lands Within was released on March 10th, 2015, and features avatar background items that can be seen on user forum icons. Future pet background items may be added to this shop.