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The Out of the Shadows shop (often refered to as OotS) is a gem currency shop. It sells limited edition pets and items that are only available for a month, as well as a Forever collection of pets and items that are always available. It opened on August 2013.

A preview of the next month's set is usually posted on the forums by staff at least a few days before the current month ends.

The official list of all currently released OotS pets on-site can be seen here.

Out of the Shadows - PetsEdit

Pets are available for purchase in two forms: as a mushroom you can feed to an existing pet to change its coat color, or as a completely new pet.

Pets cost 10 gems each.

Out of the Shadows - Pets 2013
Image Coat Month
Tanuki Mushroom Tanuki August 2013
Kheper Mushroom Kheper September 2013
Mycena Kimono Mushroom Mycena Kimono October 2013
Brown Wood Owl Mushroom Brown Wood Owl November 2013
Siberian Squill Mushroom Siberian Squill December 2013
Out of the Shadows - Pets 2014
Image Coat Month
Bleeding Heart Dove Mushroom Bleeding Heart Dove January 2014
Dawn Mushroom Dawn February 2014
Tribal Flame Mushroom Tribal Flame March 2014
Ink Cap Mushroom Ink Cap April 2014
Lovebird Mushroom Lovebird May 2014
Atlas Moth Mushroom Atlas Moth June 2014
Bleeding Tooth Mushroom Bleeding Tooth Mushroom July 2014
Fairy Dust Mushroom Fairy Dust August 2014
Golden Tiger Mushroom Golden Tiger September 2014
Golden Thread Cordyceps Mushroom Golden Thread Cordyceps October 2014
Pumpkin Pie Mushroom Pumpkin Pie November 2014
Winter Dragon Mushroom Winter Dragon December 2014
Out of the Shadows - Pets 2015
Image Coat Month
Crowned Crane Mushroom Crowned Crane January 2015
White Serval Mushroom White Serval February 2015
Pastel Star Mushroom Pastel Star March 2015
Blue Morpho Butterfly Mushroom Blue Morpho Butterfly April 2015
Corroded Automaton Mushroom Corroded Automaton May 2015
Gilded Glow Mushroom Gilded Glow June 2015
White-Spotted Jellyfish Mushroom White-Spotted Jellyfish July 2015
Rustic Garter Mushroom Rustic Garter August 2015
Dappled Apple Mushroom Dappled Apple September 2015
Orange Bitey Thing Mushroom Orange Bitey Thing October 2015
Northern Wind Mushroom Northern Wind November 2015
Angelic Solstice Mushroom Angelic Solstice December 2015
Out of the Shadows - Pets 2016
Image Coat Month
Winter Phoenix Mushroom Winter Phoenix January 2016
Arcane Whispers Mushroom.1482530739 Arcane Whispers February 2016
Fable Mushroom.1482530739 Fable March 2016
Honey Milk Mushroom.1482530739 Honey Milk April 2016
Happily Ever After Mushroom.1482530739 Happily Ever After May 2016
Rhubarb Mushroom.1482530739 Rhubarb June 2016
Starstruck Sea Mushroom.1482530739 Starstruck Sea July 2016
Magic Surge Meteorite Mushroom.1482530739 Magic Surge Meteorite August 2016
Sugarsweet Mushroom.1482530739 Sugarsweet September 2016
Elysium Mushroom.1482530739 Elysium October 2016
Melanistic Jaguar Mushroom.1482530739 Melanistic Jaguar November 2016
Three Wishes Mushroom.1482530739 Three Wishes December 2016

Out of the Shadows - ItemsEdit

Along with the pet, two new items are always released with each monthly set.

Items cost 3 gems each.

Out of the Shadows - Items 2013
Images Item 1 Item 2 Month
Leaf HatSake Leaf Hat Sake August 2013
Egyptian WingsGolden Headpiece Egyptian Wings Golden Headpiece September 2013
KanzashiObi Kanzashi Obi October 2013
Autumn LeavesOrnate Gold Bracelet Autumn Leaves Ornate Gold Bracelet November 2013
WhiskersFlurry of Flowers Whiskers Flurry of Flowers December 2013
Out of the Shadows - Items 2014
Images Item 1 Item 2 Month
Birdcage LanternSpirit Dove Birdcage Lantern Spirit Dove January 2014
Wind Chime EarringsMorning Butterflies Wind Chime Earrings Morning Butterflies February 2014
KatanaBoss of the Cave Hat Katana Boss of the Cave Hat March 2014
Midnight 's HornInky Paws Midnight's Horns Inky Paws April 2014
Magical StreakFlower Trio Magical Streak Flower Trio May 2014
Golden Ear CuffCartographer's Charts Golden Ear Cuff Cartographer's Charts June 2014
Faerie RingMossy Hat Faerie Ring Mossy Hat July 2014
Enchanted WingsFlappy Mushies Enchanted Wings Flappy Mushies August 2014
Zebra PlushOrigami Cranes Zebra Plush Origami Cranes September 2014
Fungal GrowthSpores Fungal Growth Spores October 2014
Pumpkin TrioWhipped Cream Pumpkin Trio Whipped Cream November 2014
Let It SnowDragon Nest Let It Snow Dragon Nest December 2014
Out of the Shadows - Items 2015
Images Item 1 Item 2 Month
Fur MantleRoyal Crown Fur Mantle Royal Crown January 2015
Poofy HatPoofy Mittens Poofy Hat Poofy Mittens February 2015
Konpeito PouchStitched Ribbon Konpeito Pouch Stitched Ribbon March 2015
Blue Rose CollarFragile Blue Wings Blue Rose Collar Fragile Blue Wings April 2015
BluebirdsStaff of the Guardian Bluebirds Staff of the Guardian May 2015
Giant HibiscusAnkle Bells Giant Hibiscus Ankle Bells June 2015
Sea ButterfliesLunar Headpiece Sea Butterflies Lunar Headpiece July 2015
Serpent TattooMice in a Cave Serpent Tattoo Mice in a Cave August 2015
Drifting PetalsSilverwoods Circlet Drifting Petals Silverwoods Circlet September 2015
FangsSuspiciously Red Beverage Fangs Suspiciously Red Beverage October 2015
Cozy Knit ScarfMug of Hot Cocoa Cozy Knit Scarf Mug of Hot Cocoa November 2015
Snowkissed CapeHolly-day Blossom Snowkissed Cape Holly-day Blossom December 2015
Out of the Shadows - Items 2016
Images Item 1 Item 2 Month
Phoenix SparksPhoenix's Roost Phoenix Sparks Phoenix's Roost January 2016
Soulstone Collar.1482530739Fiendish Companion.1482530739 Soulstone Collar Fiendish Companion February 2016
Shining Glaive.1482530739Immortal Mask.1482530739 Shining Glaive Immortal Mask March 2016
Floral Wand.1482530739Butterfly Tear Gem.1482530739 Floral Wand Butterfly Tear Gem April 2016
Fluttering Bustle.1482530739Flowerscape.1479696738 Fluttering Bustle Flowerscape May 2016
Aphid Friends.1482530739Diaphanous Wings.1482530739 Aphid Friends Diaphanous Wings June 2016
Starspun Strands.1482530739Starshine Summon.1482530739 Starspun Strands Starshine Summon July 2016
Meteor Shower.1482530739Cityscape.1479696832 Meteor Shower Cityscape August 2016
Cute Ear Piercings.1482530739Unlikely Sight.1482530739 Cute Ear Piercings Unlikely Sight September 2016
Faerie Chimes.1482530739Midsummer Fantasia.1482530739 Faerie Chimes Midsummer Fantasia October 2016
Leafy Wings.1482530739Jungle Glade.1482530739 Leafy Wings Jungle Glade November 2016
Starry Eyes.1482530739Head in the Clouds.1482530739 Starry Eyes Head in the Clouds December 2016

Forever CollectionEdit

Forever collection inekis are always available month to month. Cheaper than the monthly coats, priced at 7 gems for each pet and 5 gems for each corresponding mushroom, they are ideal to use as 'fodder' to use other coat mushrooms or Changingshrooms on.

Current Forever Collection
Images Name Price
Coral Spring Mushroom Coral Spring Mushroom: 5 gems

Pet: 7 gems

Tainted Smoke Mushroom Tainted Smoke Mushroom: 5 gems

Pet: 7 gems

Golden Glow Mushroom Sunbeam Mushroom: 5 gems

Pet: 7 gems

A new set of forever pets was released during Mycena's 2015 anniversary. The old Forever Collection mushrooms can still be purchased from the Fungimental Magic shop for 40,000 nuggets each.

Forever Collection 2013 - June 2015
Images Name OotS Price Fungimental Magic Price
Cave Painting Mushroom Cave Painting Mushroom: 5 gems

Pet: 7 gems

Mushroom: 40,000 nuggets
Cave Shadows Mushroom Cave Shadows Mushroom: 5 gems

Pet: 7 gems

Mushroom: 40,000 nuggets
Sunbeam Mushroom Sunbeam Mushroom: 5 gems

Pet: 7 gems

Mushroom: 40,000 nuggets

Relevance to the EconomyEdit

Due to being released for only a limited time, some users will purchase these pets and items as an investment to resell at a higher price in the future. Other users will buy them simply for personal use.

Opportunities for RereleaseEdit

Although past sets do not return to the shop, it is possible to obtain a previously released pet or item as a rare prize in an official site raffle (in items such as the Changingshroom or the Cave Capsule) or by purchasing from other players.