Spring Flower Rush! was Mycena Cave's first non-forum based event and included the first breeding raffle.

Spring Flower Rush Flower Field


From February 22nd to March 2nd 2014 the Spring Flower Rush event was held, where all the little Inekis traversed outside of the cave to the meadow beyond to pluck flowers. Once they had enough flowers, they could create a bouquet to give to other Inekis and receive petals. These petals could then be used to exchange for prizes in the Secret Garden Shop!

The ScenarioEdit

The bone monster is getting drowsy and easily distracted! Every fifteen minutes, you can sneak past and run out to the flower fields, and collect a pretty flower. Once you get enough flowers, assemble them into bouquets and offer them to your favorite sweethearts! Get petals by picking your first flower of the day, or by giving someone a bouquet! Giving or receiving a bouquet reduces the time you need to wait before sneaking back outside to collect flowers.

Note: Bouquets crafted here will wilt and vanish after the event is over. Only bouquets bought with petals from the secret garden shop will last and be equippable to your pets. Flowers left over at the end of the event will be transformed into petals, and unused petals will be used as raffle tickets for more prizes :D

The FlowersEdit

Creamy Stephanotis Sunny Aster Dapper Daisy Crown Callistephus
Coral Lily Yellow Rose Green Button Rosy Peony
Plum Dahlia Blue Mallow Tranquil Iris Tiny Tradescantia


Image Name Flowers Needed Worth
Bouncy Bouquet Bouncy Bouquet
  • crown callistophus
  • coral lily
  • sunny aster
Faded Majesty Bouquet Faded Majesty Bouquet
  • plum dahlia
  • creamy stephanotis
  • blue mallow
Garden Surprise Bouquet Garden Surprise Bouquet
  • rosy peony
  • green button
  • sunny aster
Happy Fields Bouquet Happy Fields Bouquet
  • yellow rose
  • dapper daisy
  • tiny tradescantia
Little Joys Bouquet Little Joys Bouquet
  • tiny tradescantia
  • sunny aster
  • blue mallow
Meditative Bouquet Meditative Bouquet
  • tranquil iris
  • creamy stephanotis
  • tiny tradescantia
Super Glorious Bouquet Super Glorious Bouquet
  • yellow rose
  • green button
  • coral lily
  • dapper daisy
  • sunny aster


Swappable for petals in the Secret Garden Shop.
Garden Bags
Image Item Contains Petal Cost
Green Garden Bag Green Garden Bag Randomly contains one of the 7 bouquets with a small chance (1%) for the Spring 2014 mushroom. 10
Yellow Garden Bag Yellow Garden Bag Randomly contains Kenny the Bunny, Clover the Bunny, Daisy Hair Clip, Forget-Me-Not Locket, Gardenia Blossoms and Little Robin with a small chance (1%) for the Spring 2014 mushroom. 20
Red Garden Bag Red Garden Bag Randomly contains one of the three event transformative mushrooms (Briers of Rose, Ombre Flower, Spring Sprouts). 200


Three coat colors were released for the Spring Flower Rush! event. They were included in the Red Garden Bag as mushrooms and for direct purchase as mushrooms with petals. They can also be obtained through a Changingshroom.

Image Coat Color Petal Cost
Briers of Rose Mushroom Briers of Rose (Dog Ineki) 333
Ombre Flower Mushroom Ombre Flower (Dog Ineki) 333
Spring Sprouts Mushroom Spring Sprout (Drasillis) 666


Items could be directly purchased for petals or randomly drawn through the Garden Bags. The white bag only contained the mushrooms of the newly released coat colors while the other two contained the items.

The equippable items that were released were:

Image Item Petal Cost
feeeee Bouncy Bouquet 14
Faded Majesty Bouquet Faded Majesty Bouquet 14
Garden Surprise Bouquet Garden Surprise Bouquet 14
Happy Fields Bouquet Happy Fields Bouquet 19
Little Joys Bouquet Little Joys Bouquet 29
Meditative Bouquet Meditative Bouquet 38
Super Glorious Bouquet Super Glorious Bouquet 44
Kenny the Bunny Kenny the Bunny 33
Clover the Bunny Clover the Bunny 25
Daisy Hair Clip Daisy Hair Clip 25
Forget-Me-Not Locket Forget-Me-Not Locket 33
Gardenia Blossoms Gardenia Blossoms 24
Little Robin Little Robin 25


The content of the Quote section are from memorable quotes said by users during the duration of the event. They are not reflective of how the staff of Mycena Cave feel (although we do find some of them amusing).

The Bone Monster is a Worried Mother
Tamako: When I think of how all the ineki are sneaking out to get flowers, I just think of the bone monster hollering like an overly stressed mother with too many naughty children to keep her eyes on.Jingles: HehDeddo: That... That is a wonderful mental image.

Elfe: *chucks squeaky toy at bone monster*


Tamako: And then I imagine the bone monster in an apron with flour all over its face hollering from the kitchen. "GET BACK INSIDE THE CAVE THIS INSTANT! >:C"

Tamako: Yes, exactly that. XDD

Deddo: That's what the bell actually is. An egg timer in the bone monster's kitchen.

Deddo: Hence distraction.

Deddo: xDD

Elfe: "I'mma just go take the cookies out of the oven, don't you dare leave the cave while I'm .... gone...."

Tamako: XDD

Jingles: "Alright, that's it. No more cookies.

Jingles: "But you better wait here while I take out the pie..."