Darcy's Spring Sweets Dash was an event held on Mycena Cave in the Spring of 2016.

Prizes Edit

Bags Edit

Delicious Cookie Bag (15 Truffles)

Yum-Yum Cookie Bag (30 Truffles)

Tasty Oishi Cookie Bag (300 Truffles)

Items Edit

Image Item Truffle Cost
Candyfloss Wings 25
Darcy's Delivery Satchel 25
Darcy's Parasol 29
Underwater Cafe 40
Darcy's Capelet 40
Lickety Spit 49
Cherry on Top 49
Sugar Cookie 61
Tea Set 61
Roly Poly Truffles 61
Mini Snack Bag 75
All the Food 75

Mushrooms Edit

Image Coat Color Truffle Cost
Dogepan Mushrom (Dog Ineki) 600
Truffox Mushroom (Fox Ineki) 600