Sprouts are unique one-of-a-kind pets acquired through breedings.

If the breeding is won through raffle and the winning geness has more than two users owning the pets, then the group must choose who will receive the sprouts amongst themselves.

Difference from Custom PetsEdit

Sprouts can be won through raffles or purchased through the sprout queue every four months for 100 USD.

Unlike custom pets, which are designed to your specifications, the entirety of the sprout's design is done by a site artist, including the coat name. Users who get a breeding slot, whether through raffle or USD, are allowed to choose the pose of the sprout however.

Sprouts also have three stages of growth while customs do not grow.


Проростки начинаются как цветы, и после 10 полных дней, которые есть обратный отсчет, видимый пользователь в профиле домашних животных, вырастет в ребенка.

Через 20 дней ребенок вырастет в свою форму для взрослых.